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Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy – October 2023

October 2023 Newsletter

Autumn and Winter Good Health

I love winter – warm clothing, cosy fires, comfort food! However, like everyone else, I don’t like the accompanying aches and pains with the colder, damp weather.
This month’s newsletter explores how to keep mobile and keep in good health during winter.

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Winter Aches and Pains


A lot of people suffer from joint pain, stiffness and general achiness on cold, rainy, wintery days.  There are theories to explain this and these include:

Lower Barometric Pressure – people with chronic pain may be more sensitive to lower barometric pressure.  The theory is that this reduced pressure may irritate sensitised nerves and cause inflammation and swelling.

Reduced Blood Flow – when cold, your body conserves heat but pumping more blood to the lungs and heart.  Less blood to your extremities means less incoming nutrition and waste removal from cells.  The reduced blood flow also causes colder joints with thicker synovial fluid inside, creating stiffness.

Lack of Physical Activity – shorter, rainy days often mean more time spent indoors with less physical activity.  Less activity means reduced blood flow around the body leading to stiffness and aching joints.

Poor Weather and Less Light Affects Mood – Barometric pressure changes can trigger low mood and induce headaches.  We know that a low mood can enhance pain perception and this can spiral in winter months.


What to Do about Winter Aches and Pains?

Keep Warm – wear layers for added warmth.  For patients suffering from neck pain, we recommend silk scarf around the neck, especially at night.  Silk is a natural, breathable fabric and very lightweight without bulk so is ideal for keeping neck muscles warm.

Take Vitamin D – in winter months we do not absorb Vitamin D from sunlight in the UK.  Vitamin D is essential for muscles and bone health and also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Try Light Therapy – anyone suffering even mild Seasonal Affective Disorder will appreciate how low light levels in winter can have a detrimental effect on mood.  Try Light Therapy with Blue/Green

Be Active – there are now so many free online classes for activity within the home, no matter what level your ability.  Just a few minutes at regular intervals can increase heart rate to warm up joints and muscles.

Keep Hydrated – as humans we are over 60% composed of water and for good cellular function, we need fluids.  In winter months, thirst can be less obvious so keep a note of your fluid intake (approximately 8-10 glasses of liquid per day for an adult).

Osteopathy for your Winter Aches & Pains

Osteopathic treatment uses soft tissue massage and joint articulation techniques.  These are ideal for promoting blood flow for healing, improving joint mobility and therefore great at helping overcome winter aches and pains.

If you are experiencing generalised joint stiffness and muscular aches, call us and all our Osteopaths will be delighted to help .

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