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The foundation for Better Health

Upon your Initial Consultation at the practice we will meet you and discuss your symptoms and medical history.  Osteopathic diagnostic tools will mean that during this session your Osteopath will give you a diagnosis and then together you begin the journey to regain function and structural health.

The Osteopathic Journey will most likely take you through 3 phases of Care:

Acute Pain Relief:
The first goal must be pain management.  By diagnosing the cause of the pain we can help you manage it so that you can move into the recovery phase.

Restore Health:
Once the pain is managed, then the body can begin the healing process.  This restoration of structural and functional health will depend on the underlying cause and your Osteopath will be able to define this more clearly at this stage.  You will also be given management tools such as rehabilitation exercises to do at this point.

Maintain Wellness (Proactive Care):
Once your problem is fully on the road to health, management and maintenance of that health is a factor in your ongoing well-being.  Your Osteopath will give you self-help tools and advice and may recommended periodic treatment to help you maintain your functional and structural health.