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What happens at your first visit?

When visiting an osteopath for the first time, a case history is taken and then a postural assessment and examination are performed to ascertain the problem and the treatment plan for that individual. Treatment is begun once the full assessment has taken place and it has been ascertained that it is appropriate for osteopathic treatment to occur.

What should you wear?

In order to assess posture fully it may be necessary to remove some clothing but underwear is left on at all times. Should you feel worried about this then wearing cycling shorts or a small vest is fine.

Will it hurt?

Taking the case history and assessing the problem gives the osteopath a guide as to how much pain you are in. Treatment is then adapted to your particular problem and so should not cause pain. However, sometimes after soft tissue massage and manipulation it is common for it to take 1-2 days for your symptoms to improve and you may still experience some soreness. This is part of the normal healing process.

How much will it cost?

Initial Consultation & Treatment £86.00
Half hour Treatment Sessions £63.00