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Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy – October 2020

October 2020 Newsletter


Adaptability is Key

As human beings, we have the remarkable ability to adapt.  In recent months we have seen our patients adapt to different working & social environments and for many, huge lifestyle changes.

This adaptability is what makes us survive.

However, in order to thrive, these adaptations need to be balanced so that the body doesn’t experience physical or mental stress.

After conversing with many patients over the last 6 months and realising the challenges they are facing, here are some top tips on how to thrive during the Autumn and Winter.

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Planning Ahead

Build Work/Home Boundaries
Working from home can mean a loss of personal space.  If you have a lack of space then this can be extremely stressful mentally & physically as work ‘invades’ your home.  Planning ahead will help you build boundaries to create balance within your life.

Create a Work-specific area.  If you are lucky enough to have a spare bedroom then use that as your office. If your work needs to be done in your main living area, create a compact, defined area.  At the end of your working day cover the laptop/computer with a sheet so that work is no longer within sight, or shut the bedroom door.  This physically signifies the end of your working day and mentally will help you ‘leave’ work in the same way as the commute used to.

Give yourself a Lunch Break.  This may sound ridiculously simple, but many of our patients who are working from home are not planning their working day.  We hear of patients having just enough time to eat a sandwich or not eating until much later in the afternoon.  This creates physical and mental stress, especially when it becomes habitual.

Work within your normal working hours.  Again, planning ahead is key.  Just because work is easily accessible & within your home, doesn’t mean that everything has to be done today.  We have patients reporting that they are working “more than ever” and we are seeing the stress that this is causing within their bodies.  Plan ahead and decide on a time when you should finish your working day.  Set a daily alarm so that you know the working day needs to come to a close.

Plan Enjoyment and Relaxation.  Autumn and winter months don’t mean an end to being able to relax.  Again, being adaptable is going to be key.  Plan indoor ways to relax and get mental stimulus that is non-work related.  It is vital to give your brain non-screen based activities so that you stimulate different neural pathways and encourage cognitive flexibility.

Keep Exercising.  Be adaptable when planning and come up with ways to exercise both indoors and outdoors.  Buy the clothes and kit you need to make this possible, even if the weather is inclement.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep.  Mental and physical stress has repeatedly been shown to be linked to inadequate, poor quality sleep.  Sleep is involved in our body’s self-repair mechanisms and so is vital to keep us well.  Avoid any mental stress prior to sleep ie don’t watch the news or check that last email.

This month’s video is all about managing stressful breathing patterns.  Try this Sternal Lift Technique to stretch your diaphragm.  If you experience anxiety & get tightness in the throat/chest area then this is a great exercise for you.

Better breathing patterns help with relaxation, oxygen intake and heart-health.

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