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Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy – July 2021

July 2021 Newsletter

Osteopathy for Better Health

Having been an Osteopath for 22 years (oh my goodness, how long?!?), I am still learning and being amazed at what Osteopathy can help achieve towards better health.

This newsletter will focus on Osteopathy and some of its principles.  I am lucky to be part of an amazing team of Osteopaths and we are all on the journey with you, our patients, on the road towards wellbeing and good health.

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How can Osteopathy Help me?

Osteopathy as a medicine, is for everyone, not just people with back pain.  At Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy, we are a family-based Osteopathic practice, able to treat young babies through the generations to the elderly and infirm.

The goal of Osteopathy is to be as holistic as possible and every patient is treated as unique.

With every single patient, our Osteopaths try and get an overview of their patient’s health with a detailed medical case history and then use that knowledge and their training to differentially diagnose.

One of the greatest skills an Osteopath has, is their adaptability in being able to treat every patient in the right way for them as an individual.

How does Osteopathy work?

As Osteopaths we try to enable our patient’s own physical innate self-healing to activate.  Every living organism is capable of self-repair, growth, change and has a dynamic healing ability.  Osteopathy is all about harnessing that and we do this by:

–  Encouraging Blood Flow.  A good nutritional blood supply into an injured area will promote healing.  Good vascular supply also helps the body clear up any byproducts caused by inflammation and helps cellular synthesis.

–  Helping Compensatory Areas.  With any pain in the body, we rely on other parts of the body to do more to compensate.  Osteopaths will work to help these compensatory areas function better so that the injured area  has more capacity to heal.

–  Reducing pain.  Pain can be very debilitating mentally as well as physically.  As Osteopaths, our primary job is helping a patient to manage pain.  This may be in the form of advice on getting the correct pain medication, prescribing self-help exercises and also giving individually tailored Osteopathic treatment.


The Journey to Wellbeing

Osteopathy is all about the holism of Health.

We initially help with Acute Pain Relief and then aim to Restore Health.
Then the goal of Osteopathy is to help you Maintain Wellness  with a Proactive Care plan.

It is our privilege to work with patients on this journey together and the reward of seeing a patient return to wellbeing is just wonderful.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any reason, we are here to help and welcome any feedback. Click here for more information.