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Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy – July 2018 Newsletter

July 2018 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter we look at how to be healthier and happy this Summer plus we take this opportunity to showcase our new shiny website. We also have a new look newsletter, we hope you enjoy it.

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Exercise and Why it is Good for You.

Summer season leads to longer, warmer days and more activity and sports. We encourage activity at all ages, be it training for the Iron Man challenge or increasing your daily step total.  It all counts!

At rest, our bodies only open about 25% of the capillary vessels in our body. These capillaries are only one blood cell wide but are fantastic at providing oxygen to cells and removing waste from cell respiration.

The aim of exercise is to increase your activity until you experience relative shortness of breath and this demand for oxygen/cell nutrients leads to vasodilation (opening/widening) of blood vessels.

Another amazing fact is that consistent, regular exercise can actually increase the density of capillaries in the body, making the body fitter with increased stamina.

Welcome to our New Look Website.

We are very pleased to introduce our new website. You will see that we have made some practical changes to the way you can navigate to the treatment group that best suits your needs, all from within our home page. Below are some of the changes, we hope you find them useful and like the new look.

Structural Muscle and Joint Pains

Osteopathy is primarily a manual therapy for the treatment of musculoskeletal problems, aimed at helping restore, maintain and promote physical and psychosocial well-being. Find out more…

Cranial Osteopathy for Babies, Children and Adults

Cranial Osteopathy is the gentlest form of Osteopathic treatment and can be used throughout the body. Find out more…

Osteopathy During and After Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body undergoes immense physical changes both structurally and hormonally in a very short space of time. Find out more…

Sports Injuries

Whether you are an amateur or a professional sportsperson, osteopaths can help with hands-on massage and joint work to help alleviate your problem. Find out more…


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