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Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy – February 2021

February 2021 Newsletter

All Movement Counts

In the last year we as Osteopaths have realised just how much pre-pandemic daily movements contributed to our good health.

Pre-pandemic, this was the stuff we never thought about – the walk across the office to speak with a colleague; the quick dash to get on the train; nipping out for a coffee or lunch.

With many of our patients working from home, screen watching for hours each day, we have seen a gradual increase in postural fatigue brought about by lack of these movements.

Don’t get me wrong, the gym and the hour of daily exercise is still crucial for good health and fitness but let’s find a way to re-introduce those little movements that are vital to keep a body functioning well.

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Find a Way to Fidget. Don’t have a static chair. Get one on wheels with adjustable height and make sure you move whilst sitting. Try alternating it with a core stability ball so that you can shift your centre of gravity whilst working.

Get a Headset. There is no reason why you cannot pace the room whilst on a call. Walking around the room is a great way to give yourself head space and encourage blood flow for good thought processes.

Build in short breaks, little and often. During those breaks do brief bursts of activity. 5 star jumps or get the kids to run up and down the stairs a few times. Get the heart working and get a little out of breath, it is good for you!

Have a lunch break. A nutritious lunch is really important. If you are short on time, do a lap of the garden and get some fresh air. If you live in a flat, go outside and just do a quick, brisk walk outside for 5 minutes.

Do some Deep Breathing. Get your diaphragm working by doing 5 big breaths in and out. Really feel your chest expanding as you inhale. This will increase oxygen levels and stimulate heart rate and brain function.


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