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Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy – December 2020

December 2020 Newsletter

Pause and be Reflect

This year has been a novelty for us all.  We work, socialise and function in new ways… some are an improvement on our pre-Covid life and others, not so much.

I have had time for reflection during this pandemic and I always seek to find the positive out of any situation, however grim.

The practice had the toughest time in Lockdown 1 and being a small business owner in March and April was truly heart-wrenching.  However, having the best team of Osteopaths all supporting each other meant that I pulled my socks up and began to think of ways to move forwards.

Sourcing PPE was a huge challenge…. and working out how to manage a clinic whilst safe-guarding our most vulnerable patients was critical to re-opening.

But, we did it!

I want to say a huge, massive thank you to Mark, Katie, Leah, Rosie and Harriet.  They have all been truly amazing.

I also want to say “the most wonderful thank you” to you, our patients.  I had many phone calls over the last 9 months where, time and again, patients showed their generosity of nature and kindness of heart with words of support and some fabulous emails that to this day make me cry.

So, if you get down and feel low, remember there is always a positive to counterbalance a negative.  There is always a way forwards, it just might be different to what you expect.  The important thing is, nothing stays the same forever, so gather all the good bits of life along the journey.

Kind regards,

Osteopathy is for the Whole Family

Since the practice re-opened it has been great to return to providing Osteopathic services aimed at helping the whole family.

The Principles of Osteopathy make it the perfect profession to help health and well-being for the whole family, from a newborn baby through the generations to a 91 year old.

Professionally, the Osteopathic aim is to see each person as their own unique system and to view them as holistically as possible.  That is why we need to take such a comprehensive case history and use our differential diagnosis to work out what treatment and lifestyle adaptation is best for you, individually.

As a practice, we encourage all our Osteopaths to explore their talents and develop their skills in post-graduate courses and training.  We never stop trying to learn how to be a better, more comprehensive Osteopath.

With this in mind, please remember that our Osteopaths are capable of far more than just treating back pain.  Please always talk to us and ask us if we can help…. we each have different skill-sets within the practice and this means that there should be at least one individual Osteopath within the clinic who will say “oh yes, I can definitely help you with that”.

With our aim to help the Whole Family, we specialise in Osteopathy for babies and children, pre and post-pregnancy care, sports injuries, age related aches & pains, persistent chronic pain, digestion/gut health, and the effect that anxiety/stress can have on the body.

As we reach the end of 2020, let’s move our focus forwards to 2021 and work towards Well-Being.  All of our Osteopaths are ready to help you on that journey.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any reason, we are here to help and welcome any feedback. Click here for more information.