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Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy – December 2018 Newsletter


December 2018 Newsletter

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a truly Happy New Year. I would also like to extend a warm thanks for your continued support and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year. Kind regards,

Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

Christmas Week – Opening Hours
Saturday 22nd December – 8.00am – 5.00pm
Sunday 23rd December – CLOSED
Monday 24th December – 8.00am – 5.00pm
Tuesday 25th December – CLOSED
Wednesday 26th December – CLOSED
hursday 27th December – 8.00am – 7.30pm
Friday 28th December – 8.00am – 7.30pm

New Years Week – Opening Hours
Saturday 29th December – 8.00am – 5.00pm
Sunday 30th December – CLOSED
Monday 31st December – 8.00am – 5.00pm
Tuesday 1st January – CLOSED
Wednesday 2nd January – 8.00am – 8.30pm
Thursday 3rd January – 8.00am – 8.30pm
Friday 4th January – 8.00am – 8.30pm

New Arrival

It is with great pleasure that I can announce Osteopath Mark and his lovely wife Gemma have recently given birth to their first child, a little boy called Noah, mother and baby are doing fine. What a wonderful Christmas present for them both and their families. Congratulations!

Getting Back in Shape After a Baby

Having a baby brings a multitude of challenges and of course a lot of joy. For new Mums it is vitally important to be able to find some time to continue with treatment for a known condition or to restore balance to their body post-natal. It is a very common occurrence to have some form of back pain or back related issues during pregnancy due to changes that occur such as the softening of ligaments, weight increase and changes to posture.

At times back pain can begin during pregnancy and continue to be a problem after delivery. If not treated the pain can go on for long periods. Let us also not forget that the repetitive carrying and lifting of both baby and related equipment can not only cause problems but also hinder any kind of recovery. Osteopathy is an excellent aid to this recovery and a great way of starting the process of getting back to a new normal.

Cranial Osteopathy for Babies

Cranial osteopathy is a refined and subtle type of osteopathic treatment, the techniques are safe, gentle and non-manipulative. They are often used when treating adults sensitive to manipulation, young children and babies. It encourages the release of stresses and tensions in the head and throughout the body.

Babies, even only a few days old, can have Cranial Osteopathy using a wide range of safe techniques from very gentle stretching and massage, to Cranial Osteopathy. These techniques are all very gentle as babies are ‘softer’ than adults and they can create deep relaxation, calming and increase wellbeing in babies and children.


Sometimes there is a requirement to work alongside local lactation consultants to give postural and nutritional advice to attempt help with breastfeeding. Occasionally, your Cranial Osteopath may recommend that your baby see a Paediatrician or GP for medical help.



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