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Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy – August 2020

August 2020 Newsletter

Working From Home

Since we fully opened the practice back up again, we have been increasingly working with the musculoskeletal effects of home-working.

At the beginning of lockdown, our patients were reporting how great it was to work from home – no commuting, being able to self-manage work and the freedom to complete household chores such as the washing during the working day.

However, 5 months on and it is noticeable that working from home can have its disadvantages, especially on the musculoskeletal system.  This newsletter is going to explore how to help yourself to work ergonomically in the home.

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How to Set up Good Home Working Ergonomics

Get a Good Chair – We are discovering that many of our patients are working whilst sitting on dining chairs rather than an office chair.  This leads to enforced static sitting positions that result in lack of movement, stiffness/aches & pains.  Get an office chair that has adaptable lumbar support for the spine & wheels so that you can move and “fidget” whilst on those Video conference calls.

Get a Monitor – working on laptops for long periods of time is not ergonomically great.  Get a Monitor so that you can get a good view of your work on a large screen (which should be at chin height).

Have Good Lumbar Support – Computer Slump is a real problem so if you put a cushion or towel in the hollow of your lumbar spine then this can mitigate any postural issues.  Have a look at How to Have Good Sitting Posture here:

Create Regular Breaks & Distractions – in a normal office environment your work gets interrupted and you get up for tea breaks or to meet a colleague for lunch.  With video conferencing and home working, we are finding that patients are not moving frequently enough.  Plan your day with scheduled ‘disruptions’ to ensure that you get up and move.  Small, frequent bursts of activity are a great, quick way to disrupt static working and help your stay well and healthy.

Do you suffer from neck tension and frequent headaches?

Then this is the stretch routine for you!  Please check out OSTEO HEALTH on YouTube and find this fabulous stretch routine here:

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