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Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy – May 2023

May 2023 Newsletter

Exam Revision and Postural Tension.

It’s that time of year – kids struggling with the never-ending revision and their parents struggling to keep the household mentally and physically on track during the next 2 months!

As Adults, we accept that long working hours may cause back and neck pains but this can happen to children and teens as well.

The repetitive nature of hours of revision often leads to neck & back pain.  The mental stress of exams also causes the body to fatigue via the central nervous system and can cause tension headaches, sleeplessness, poor concentration and lethargy.

However, Osteopathy can bring ease of function within our nervous system and musculoskeletal-skeletal system.

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What is Postural Tension?

Postural Tension is fatigue of the spinal muscles that hold us upright.  Repetitive activity and holding static positions for a long time, such as revising or sitting exams, can cause this to occur.

Classically, Postural Tension manifests itself as a ‘slumping’ posture with shoulders protracted & rounded forwards.  The mid back and shoulders are more curved and hunched.  The chin extends forwards and there is an increase in the curvature of the lumbar (low back) and cervical (neck) spines.

Symptoms that are typical of Postural Tension are:

Sore Neck
Sore Mid Back
Aching Shoulders
Sore Lower Back
Feelings of general tension and achiness.

Additionally, there may be symptoms of tiredness, low mood, anxiety/stress but if you have any concerns with regards to your child’s mental health and well-being, do not hesitate to contact your GP.


How Does Osteopathy Help with Exam & Revision Postural Tension?

When visiting an Osteopath, the first thing we do is to take a full and detailed Case History.  This is vital to provide a diagnosis of Postural Tension as a key element of Exam and Revision Stress.

As your Osteopaths, we always ask anyone doing exams where they are doing the revising.  Most of us would assume at a desk but all too often we get told that it is lying on the floor, sitting on the bed or sitting on the floor leaning against a wall.

Once we have the Case History, we then examine physical movements and palpate for any areas of muscle hypertonicity and tension.

For Postural Tension, hands on Osteopathy can prove really beneficial.  By easing muscle tension, improving joint mobility and function and helping breathing patterns become less stressed, the body can regain its correct posture and function more efficiently and easily.

A Good Revision Space is Essential

First and foremost is to get your child a fully functioning work area.  No more revising whilst sitting on a bed or sofa!

Get a good chair and one that preferably has wheels so that they can move their body weight more freely.  Postural Tension occurs due to lack of movement and holding static postures for a long time.

Ensure the chair has a solid back with good lumbar spine support.  If possible, get a chair with arm rests so that when reading or taking a brief rest it is possible to rest the arms.

Try to avoid Tablet and Lap Top Use…. if you need to use them, get a bluetooth keyboard that can be used independently like a desktop computer.

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