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Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy – January 2023

January 2023 Newsletter

Osteopathy for Well Being.

Many years ago, when Osteopathy as a medicine was being determined by its founder, Andrew Still, it was all about the body finding its own way to health and well being.

Osteopaths are the facilitators for your body to do just that.

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How Does Osteopathy Promote Health and Well Being?

Osteopaths work on multiple systems within the body to help promote health and well being.

By working on vascular (blood), neurological (nerve) and musculoskeletal systems, Osteopaths stimulate healing processes and facilitate an easier pathway for the body to self-heal.


What do Osteopaths do to Promote Well Being?

Differential Diagnosis
First and foremost, your Osteopath will take a case history where they find out about your current symptoms and your medical/health back ground.  This detailed history taking is vital for differential diagnosis of your problem.

Full Examination of Movement 
After the case history, your Osteopath will then assess active and passive movements to help further diagnose your problem in more detail.  This protocol ensures that it is only after point of diagnosis that a formulated treatment plan, tailored to you as an individual, can be carried out.

Hands on Treatment
Hands on treatment is a vital part of Osteopathy.  Osteopaths are trained to have really good palpation and this sensitivity of touch will also help them pinpoint the areas that are causing you problems.  Osteopathic training is focussed on using touch to help stimulate the body to self-heal.

Advice on Self-Care
Your Osteopath will also put a focus on how you can help yourself to heal.  The advice may touch on rehabilitation exercises, medication, what movements to do/not do and also how to cope with the pain or stress of your problem.

Osteopathy for Everyone

Osteopathy as a medicine, is accessible for the whole family.  At Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy, our focus is on being able to treat every generation.

We specialise in treating:

Babies & Children
Pregnancy – pre and post natal musculoskeletal aches and pains
Sports Injuries
Trauma Injury – eg whiplash, accidents, falls etc
Post Operative Care – eg post knee and hip operations, post shoulder/elbow/wrist injections for arthritis
Degenerative Musculoskeletal Pains – eg wear and tear with age, arthritis
Postural Tension – musculoskeletal aches and pains eg tension headache, neck pain, back pain


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