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Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy – February 2022

February 2022 Newsletter

What to do if you Suffer from Neck Pain.

We have all heard of a ‘cricked’ neck which can be acutely painful, but there are other more chronic types of Neck Pain and stiffness.

Osteopathy can be hugely beneficial in helping to ease Neck Pain.  Your Osteopath will carefully differentially diagnose the cause of the pain first because it is important to take the right treatment approach when dealing with Neck problems.

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What is Acute Neck Pain?

Acute Neck Pain comes on suddenly.  It is possible to sleep awkwardly and wake up with a really painful neck.  This is your classic ‘Cricked’ neck.  When this occurs, there is restricted head movement and you may have to hold your head to one side to alleviate the pain.

Other Acute Neck injuries can occur with poor posture such as turning your head to look in a certain position for a long time or after sitting in a draught.

With Acute Neck Pain there is a lot of muscle spasm which means it can be extremely painful.  The pain may also spread to the head, shoulders or even down into the arms.

Having some medication to alleviate the pain is the first step and then your Osteopath will do a careful case history and assessment to ascertain which structures are involved and will then formulate a treatment plan to help you.

If you have had any trauma prior to the injury such as a road traffic accident, fall or blow to the head, then it is imperative that you go to A&E to ensure that you haven’t injured the spine.


What is Chronic Neck Injury?

Chronic Neck problems often have an insidious onset.  Chronic pain is generally described as pain that has lasted longer than 3 months.

Chronic Neck Pain can have differing characteristics – it can be dull, achey or occasionally sharp and sometimes has radiations of pain down the spine or into one or both arms.  There can also be associated headaches, jaw pain, general malaise and it is common to feel unhappy/depressed.

When trying to find the cause of the pain, your Osteopath will have to take a detailed case history including your previous medical history and then get you to do a series of active and passive movements of your head and spine.

Chronic Neck Pain can be as a result of an Acute Injury such as Whiplash becoming longer term.  However, it can also be a sign of degenerative changes with age such as osteoarthritis of the spine, spondylosis or cervical spine degenerative disc disease.

The good news is, once your Osteopath has made a differential diagnosis, they can help formulate an effective treatment plan and give you advice and encouragement on how to manage your problem for the long-term.

Pain management is key to recovery and your Osteopath will help advise and direct you in the correct direction for this, be it for Prescription medication or with self-help advice.

Chronic Neck Pain can be complex, so it might need a multi-faceted approach and should you need MRI scans or onward referral, your Osteopath will work closely with you throughout this journey.

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