September 2017 - What is Good Posture?

As part of your initial consultation, your Osteopath will always take time to observe your standing posture and then ask you to perform some movements so that they can evaluate how your body mechanics are functioning. This newsletter will discuss what is good or bad posture and what to do about it.


The Perfect Posture:

Nobody is perfect! This is the fundamental principal of all Osteopathic assessment - that every person is unique and therefore there is no 'perfect' body.

However, in an idealised world Osteopaths are looking for defined S-curves of the spine where your neck and low back slight arch forwards and your mid thoracic spine slightly bows posteriorly.

Osteopaths also look for a nice wide stance with a good solid base from the feet to the pelvis and a centralised centre of gravity going through the ankle. The stomach should be slightly tucked in, with the solar plexus raised and shoulders back, but loose and relaxed.

Poor Posture Causing Postural Tension Fatigue:

Postural tension fatigue occurs frequently in adults and is in response to the body overworking to maintain an upright posture. In other words, the ideal/perfect centre of gravity through the body is offline. This can be caused by the repetitive nature of your work, a mild scoliosis, pregnancy related posture changes and a previous back injury.

The result is often mid and low back pain when standing for any length of time; when walking slowly and finally, when sitting upright in a chair for too long e.g: at a desk.

What To Do if You are Suffering from Postural Tension Fatigue:

Firstly, get your posture assessed by your Osteopath. There are different types of postures that can shift your centre of gravity off the correct line and it is important to identify these.

Once the areas of weakness are identified then it is possible to safely strengthen your spinal and abdominal muscles in a manner that will benefit you most. Your Osteopath may recommend a course of treatment to kick-start the change that is needed and will help you achieve healthier spinal mechanics.


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