October 2017 - Do You Suffer from Neck Pain?

October is the season of Autumn with harvest festival, the last rays of an Indian Summer and Halloween. However, the nights drawing in often means more time spent indoors being less physically active. We see an increasing number of patients with neck pain in the winter months and so this newsletter aims to help you understand the cause of the pain.


What Can Cause Neck Pain?

The answer to this question is not always straight forward. There are multiple causes and so we will discuss the most common factors below.

Spinal Causes:

Problems originating in the pelvis or lower back can cause postural compensation further up the spine, resulting in neck pain. Your Osteopath will assess your movement throughout the spine and will be able to determine which areas are causing postural issues. You may also feel neck pain from localised restrictions in the neck joints or muscles.

Jaw and Mouth Causes:

Problems with the jaw and mouth can cause referred tension into the upper neck muscles. Children and adults who are undergoing teeth re-alignment or people who grind/clench their teeth may experience tight upper neck muscles and potentially may feel stiffness and sometimes neck pain.

Headache/Migraine Causes:

Headaches and neck pain go hand-in-hand. Your Osteopath will always find neck tension in migraine sufferers and neck problems can also cause headaches. Having this worked on Osteopathically can help minimise this pain cycle feedback loop and prevent or lessen your headaches.

Technology Causes:

Working on computers, laptops, tablets can cause neck pain. As technology becomes more mobile, we often use our tablets etc whilst sitting in ergonomically poor positions. Prolonged neck flexion looking down at a screen can create postural tension fatigue of the neck muscles and joints, resulting in stiffness and pain.

Should you experience neck pain then please consult with your Osteopath so that they can determine the cause. From this point your Osteopath can then treat the problem and also give you the correct advice on what to do.


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