October 2016 Newsletter - The Power of Walking

October is a beautiful month with mist rising on the Thames river and stags strutting around the parks.

Walking can have huge health benefits and with this fabulous location it would be a shame not to get out there and experience Autumn in all its glory.


How Walking Can Improve your Health:

At K&T Osteopathy we are huge proponents of walking. It is a low impact exercise that benefits most patients with back pain and can be used as general fitness or part of your rehabilitation back to impact exercise.

Importantly, by recommending walking, we don't mean a nice ambling stroll!

The walk should be done with good footwear (walking boots or good trainers) and involve use of the arms swinging and be at a moderate to brisk pace. It is a good idea to begin and end the walk at a slightly slower pace to act as a warm-up and cool-down.

With the use of smart phones and pedometers it is now possible to track one's steps and this can be a real motivator. There are different studies which suggest a brisk pace for 30 minutes per day is beneficial or an average 10,000 steps per day (which equates to approximately 85 minutes and in distance is 5 miles).

At Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy, we recommend starting with smaller distances and then build up to the 10,000 steps average. Don't just rush off straight away doing 5 miles per day or you may experience hip, knee or ankle and foot pain.

What Are the Benefits of Walking?

Walking regularly as exercise has proven to be very good for both physical and mental well-being.

It is possible with walking to:

  • Reduce blood pressure and heart rate thereby reducing risk of coronary disease and stroke.
  • Reduce cholesterol levels in the blood
  • Increase bone density and therefore be vital for post-menopausal women with a potential towards getting osteopenia/osteoporosis
  • Improve mental well-being and help with depression.
  • Reduce risk of breast and colon cancer
  • Reduce risk of type 2 diabetes

So, as Hippocrates said, "Walking is Man's Best Medicine".

If you need any advice from your Osteopath before embarking on a walking programme, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02089776396.


For any queries please do contact us at the practice on 0208 977 6396.

Best wishes


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