November 2017 - Osteopathy for Children

This month the practice is very busy as it is that time of year again - the lead up to Christmas with hard work, lots of events and activities and a very busy second half of term.

This newsletter focuses on children because the next two months are a significantly busy time of their year - lots of school work and lots of excitement with Christmas concerts and plays. Children, just like adults, may experience tension and musculoskeletal aches and pains when life gets mega-busy.


Osteopathy For Children:

It may seem surprising that children see Osteopaths but in reality their bodies are going through tremendous upheaval with each developmental stage and growth spurt.

At Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy we see babies, toddlers, children and teenagers. Cranial Osteopathy is the main technique for treating babies but from toddler age upwards we may use gentle Structural Osteopathy techniques.

Osteopathy is a gentle system of diagnosis and treatment working with the structure and function of the individual to bring about restoration of their well-being.

Just as we would an adult, your child will be assessed as an individual to ascertain a diagnosis and then a treatment plan specific to your child will be formulated and carried out. Techniques are adapted so that they are appropriate to your child's developmental stage.


Should you have any further queries as to how Osteopathy may be beneficial for your child, please do not hesitate to call 02089776396

Best wishes


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