Welcome to the November Newsletter from Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy

November is here and with it the cold weather and a change of footwear from summer sandals to winter shoes and boots. During this time we often see patients with sore feet and this month we discuss how to choose good shoes and protect our often neglected feet.


The Importance of Looking after Your Feet:-

We apply huge amounts of pressure onto our feet every day of our lives. Each foot contains 26 bones and has 4 natural arches to keep those bones in the right place to shock absorb movement. Alongside the bones there are multiple ligaments, tendons and muscles all working our feet so that we can walk, dance, run etc. In other words, there is such a complicated network of function that it just takes a small imbalance in the system of the foot to cause problems and thereby pain.

Shoes therefore play a vital part in foot health. By now many of you will know that many Osteopaths hold Uggs in the highest disdain. They offer no support to the arch and often lead to pronation (falling in medially) of the foot.

Top Tips for Buying Good Shoes:-

  • Wear the Correct Size Shoe. Fundamental but sometimes overlooked! Our feet can change size as we age due to natural loss of arch support or even after pregnancy ligament laxity. Get your feet measured occasionally and ensure that there is the width of your thumb distance between your big toe and the end of the shoe.
  • Wear the socks or tights that you plan to wear with that particular shoe. Again, this will ensure a good fit. For example, it is quite normal to buy running trainers one size larger than your normal shoe size to allow for foot swelling during the run and for movement of the big toe.
  • Cushioned Shoes Allow for Greater Shock Absorption. This is a vital shoe choice if you are on your feet a lot. Leather or rubber soled shoes give less 'bounce' than cushioned soles.
  • Buy shoes with Integral Arch Support. Totally flat insoles such as converse trainers or plimsols offer no support. You can buy orthotics to put in these shoes to support your feet but you might need a slightly larger size of shoe.
  • Leather Shoes offer More Stretch. Soft leather linings and outside of the shoe allows the foot to breathe. Leather naturally stretches with time and so will be more comfortable and supportive than canvas shoes.
  • Buy Shoes with Velcro Straps or Laces. These shoes offer far more arch support than loafers or slip-ons. If you ever have foot pain then arch support is vital.

Obviously, for fashion reasons there may be a time and place for high heels but they are for looking pretty in and not for walking in! Please get a cab to and from the party venue or walk there in trainers and change upon arrival. Wear 'party feet' insoles to reduce damage to the bones of the foot and if your feet are sore the next day then massage them gently and rest your stockinged foot on an icepack for 15 minutes every hour. If your foot pain continues beyond one day then you may have damaged your foot and please book an appointment to see your Osteopath.

There are other multiple causes of Foot Pain and often it can be easily treated. If you are experiencing any Foot Pain, please call your Osteopath at the practice and book an appointment. 02089776396.


For any queries please do contact us at the practice on 0208 977 6396.

Best wishes


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