March Newsletter - Marathon Training

For those of you planning on running the London marathon, here is a special newsletter aimed at helping you prevent injury in the final weeks of your training.

For non-runners, some of our top tips can also be applied if you do stamina sports such as cycling.


Top Tips for Marathon Training

At this point in your training for the London marathon you should be reaching the half marathon marker point for your long run at the weekend.

The next few weeks of training are where Osteopaths at K&T Osteopathy start to see injuries. Common problems include low back pain, hip pain, knee pain, calf and hamstring pain and foot pain.

Should you be experiencing any of these symptoms then please follow the next Top Tips:

If in Pain, Don't Ignore it! Don't assume at this point in your training that a couple of days' rest will ease the problem. Get it assessed and diagnosed as soon as possible. Do not run through the pain just because that is your scheduled day to run.

Start Treatment and Follow the Advice Given. Sounds simple but the advice and stretches that you are given to treat and prevent further injury at this stage will really make a difference as to whether you recover enough to complete the marathon.

Get Weekly Massage of your Back and Legs. Muscles fill with lactic acid with repetitive use and need active stretching to remain healthy. Your lower back will be suffering compressive forces from the long distance running and will need articulation and gentle traction.


At Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy we will help you reach your goals and reduce the effect long distance running can have on the body. Should you wish to make an appointment please do not hesitate to speak to the Osteopaths at K&T Osteopathy on 02089776396 or email

Best wishes


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