Welcome to March's blistering cold newsletter! We were really hoping that Spring was about to unfold its glory but it is not to be.

This newsletter will focus on getting those running shoes on and getting fit for summer. We have wonderful parks and river runs in the area and whether you choose to walk or run it is good to get out and about - once the weather warms up!


What is The Best Way to start Running?

Before you even start running it is essential that you get decent trainers. We recommend Lanson Running near Kingston or The Sweatshop in Teddington . Get a personalised fitting and remember to always choose trainers a size bigger than your feet! When you run your feet swell and you need the extra space for your toe movement.

If you are new to jogging and find the prospect daunting we recommend Interval Training. This technique greatly lowers the risk of injury as it reduces impact on the body and helps develop fitness and stamina faster.

Depending on your fitness, age and previous injury history, it is recommended that you lightly jog for 2-5 minutes then follow with walking for 1-2 minutes. Repeat in cycles until you can build up to 30 minutes without discomfort. Then begin to pace out the intervals until you reach 9 minutes jogging with 1 minute walking. This pattern can then be used to increase the time out exercising until you reach your goal distance. This may take a few weeks so do not push yourself too hard too soon or you may cause an injury.

Should you experience any pain in your back or legs, then something is not right and that's where Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy needs to come into the picture. Running injuries often worsen because runners ignore the initial signs of problems. Shin splints; plantar fasciitis; knee pain; muscle tears and lower back problems can all be treated so that you can run safely. Call the practice on 0208 977 6396 if you are experiencing any problems.

For those of you training for a marathon this site has some good tips: http://www.marathonrookie.com/running-safety-tips.html

In our experience, chronic injuries often start about the 10km distance so once you are regularly running this, then we recommend osteopathic massage and regular treatment to avoid injury.

Should you wish to make an appointment or get further advice on how to exercise in a way personalised to your case history then do not hesitate to speak to the Osteopaths at Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy 0208 977 6396 or email info@osteopathuk.co.uk


For any queries please do contact us at the practice on 0208 977 6396.

Best wishes


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