January 2017 Newsletter - Self-care for Health

I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and may it be a year of good health and well-being.

Thank you so much for all your kind words of recommendation in 2016 which brought many new patients to the practice and spread the philosophy of Osteopathy and all that it can achieve.

We look forward to 2017 with the intention of continuing to provide the best Osteopathic care possible to each and every one of our patients.


The buzz-word from Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy for 2017 is: Self-care

Such a simple word, with so many layers of application!

At K&T Osteopathy we promote wellness and maintenance of our physical health and Self-care is crucial to this. Self-care can be applied to our choices in what we eat and drink, what exercise we embark upon and what rest/downtime that we allocate ourselves.

So, if you are following any new year resolutions or have a goal that you wish to achieve in 2017, apply Self-care so that it benefits you the most.

Trying to Lose Weight?

After the Christmas holidays, losing a few pounds is a popular way to get back on track to a healthier routine. However, if you have a bigger goal to lose a greater amount of weight, then we advocate assessing your body shape to then work out your ideal weight/shape.

Apple versus Pear Figure

If you are pear-shaped then you are more likely to gain weight around your hips and thighs. Apple-shaped figures tend to store fat more on the waist and abdomen. Some research has suggested that there might be greater health risks with being apple-shaped but the NHS recommends taking into account both BMI (Body Mass Index) and Hip-to-Waist Ratio measurements when determining what your ideal weight should be.

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a guideline for what your healthy weight should be but does not take into account your individual body shape and muscle mass.

Hip To Waist Ratio works out if you are carrying too much fat around your abdomen and again there are recommended measurements for a healthy shape.

To Calculate Your BMI:

Weight in Lbs ÷ (Height in inches)² then Multiply this answer by 703 - this answer is your BMI.


Weight in Kgs ÷ (Height in metres)² - this answer is your BMI.

The ideal BMI ratio should be 18.5 - 25.

You are considered overweight from 25 - 30 and obese from 30 - 35 and very obese from 35 - 40.

To Calculate Your Hip to Waist Ratio:

Measurement of waist ÷ Measurement of hips

For men the ideal is less than 0.95 and for women the ideal is less than 0.8.

It is recommended that you lose weight if your Hip-To-Waist Ratio measurement is greater than 1.0 for men and for women if it is greater than 0.85 and if you are 'apple' shaped.

At Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy we wish you all good luck in achieving 2017 good health and vitality. We thank you all for letting us be part of the process on your path to well-being.


For any queries please do contact us at the practice on 0208 977 6396.

Best wishes


General Osteopathic Council Registered