Spring Has Finally Sprung!

This month's newsletter is all about preventing injury whilst lifting. This applies anywhere in our lives but at present is most relevant to gardeners getting back outside for the first time in months.


How To Lift Correctly and Prevent Injury

Firstly, get the weight that you are lifting as close as possible to you.

Before starting the lift ensure that your feet are spaced wide apart - this will give more stability to the lift.

As you reach down to lift the object, bend your knees and hips. Do NOT bend your waist or spine to reach down.

As you prepare to take on the weight, tighten your lower abdominal muscles to help support the spine.

Once you have the object in your arms do NOT twist your torso. Use your feet to move your body so that you can place the object down in the correct place.

Obviously, if the item is bulky or extremely heavy, then get a friend or partner to help you.

In the unlikely event of injury, please contact us at Kingston & Teddington Osteopathy and we will do our best to help you recover as quickly as possible. 02089776396


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